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Announcing WebWatch

When was the last time you:

  • Updated your “Meet the Team” page?
  • Added a new post to your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages?
  • Created some hype on your “News” page by announcing an exciting new project or posted a press release?
  • Looked under the hood to fine-tune your site’s SEO effectiveness?
  • Checked your site’s performance metrics to see what pages could be improved?
  • Considered publishing your newsletter on your site?


    WebWatch™ is our continuous improvement program for companies that need
    high performance from their websites and social media to promote their brand,
    attract new clients, support their existing clients, and engage visitors. Let
    WebWatch™ manage your site so you can manage your business.

    The WebWatch™ professionals at Data Directions have built and managed dozens of websites for over 20 years with a highly experienced team of graphic designers, web developers, and communication specialists. We use state of the art, current technologies, and modern design to build and manage responsive and effective websites, applications, and social media channels. Our experience means we can handle your website - no matter the platform or architecture.

    Two Sizes Fit All:
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    No Problems, Please!


    Site Monitoring - We will know if your site is down before you do - and we will find out what it takes to get it going again.
    Site Rendering – We will ensure that your site renders well on mobile
    devices and keeps up with browser updates that could affect how it appears.
    Domain Registration - We will make sure your domain (site names) stays current and reserved.
    Content Updates - You send us content changes. We will edit them, format them, and post them to your site and your social media venues. We will pester you just enough to make sure your site stays current and fresh and reflects your business
    WebWatch™ To-do - We will review your site and develop a plan to ensure your priorities are being met and that the website stays current.
    State of the Web - We will produce an annual report showing you what has changed on your site, visitor and traffic statistics, and a site improvement plan for the following year.

    That's the Ticket


    No Problems, Please! - First, we will do everything that we do for our No Problems, Please! customers... and much more.

    Proactive Content Development - We will actively seek out and write content for you. This might include blog entries, scraped headlines, and cross postings, as well as site clean-up and maintenance. We still need your help for business updates and approvals – then leave it to us.

    Performance Dashboard - We will produce a monthly web and social media dashboard so you can see the results of our effort and its effectiveness. This will help you recognize your ROI.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions

    I can do all of this stuff myself. Why should I hire you guys?
    Seriously? Do you change your oil anymore? How about aerate your lawn? When was the last time you cleaned your heat pump coils? Almost all of the sites we visit, no matter how well they are designed, seem to lack regular attention and maintenance. It shows. It’s like not weeding the flower beds - it sends a negative message to your visitors. Get WebWatch™ to do it.

    How do you make sure my site stays up?
    We use software that visits your site every couple of minutes. If your site does not respond, it sends us both a note. Most sites go down occasionally and then come back up in minutes. If it looks to be a real problem, we will follow up on your behalf to determine what needs to be done to restore the site. We will monitor the situation until it is resolved. Then we will get back to our video games.

    I have three sites. Do you expect me to pay three fees?
    We hope so, but see where you are coming from. If you have more than one site, there are some efficiencies to be gained because site monitoring, reporting, and communications are easier. We offer a 20% discount on our already- low fees for multiple
    sites. BTW - if you refer someone to us, you will have our eternal gratitude! Okay, we will give you a 10% credit on your fees at their one-year anniversary. Thanks!

    Tell me about this “to-do” list. I have plenty to do already!
    Ha! This is our to-do list, so you are fine. We will develop three lists:

    1. Stuff that needs immediate attention - fix it now.
    2. Stuff that will become part of maintenance - fix it regularly.
    3. Prioritized stuff that we work on continuously - fix it soon.

    What if I want some significant work done on our site?
    You’re talking to the WebWatch™ Pros - We we can take care of anything you need. We design and build sites for a living, and play video games when the boss is not watching. As a WebWatch™ customer, you’ll get a discount on all our work, including full site refreshes.

    Hey, I couldn't read the small print!
    Really? Sorry ;) We invoice in advance for the full year of service to cover the significant upfront work needed for most websites. But, you may cancel at any time and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with our work. Lastly, occasionally complex sites require additional support. We will review your site before we begin to determine any special pricing.

    * We invoice in advance for the full year of service to cover the significant upfront work needed for most websites. But, you may cancel at any time and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with our work.