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  Wouldn't it be great if there were someone who could answer all my technology questions? about us
  You've come to the right place! Back in 2002, we introduced a new technology column in a Richmond, Virginia newspaper. For this shy bunch of computer nerds, it meant a chance to put our best face forward and share our passion for all things high-tech. For you, it means help making sense of all the gadgets, web sites, and technology trends worthy of your attention. read articles
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My 8-bit Nintendo finally crashed so it’s time for an upgrade. Any suggestions?I heard years ago that the writers for The Jetsons really thought we would have flying cars and live in space by the year 2000. So... what happened?!What do you see in our techno-future for 2014?Have you seen my glasses? I have recently become an avid Snapchat user and I have been hearing some rumblings that my snaps may not actually disappear. Are my vacation pics as safe as I think?

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