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It seems like everything is happening online these days. Thinking about going back and getting that degree? You can do it all online now! Looking to change jobs or searching for career advice? The Internet is your friend! Want people to stop telling you to go to school and get a job?

Hey, no judgment here. Maybe you just need someone to tell you when to use Instagram instead of Snapchat or why your phone came with 117 different messaging apps or what the difference is between FaceTube and YouSpace. We can help with that too! Although you could probably learn that in school and then get a job and move out of the basement, but whatever...

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♦ Can I really find out who my soulmate is based on my Starbucks order?


♦ Since 2019 is upon us…what can we expect in the world of technology next year?

♦ It’s been a few years since we did a year-in-review of viral videos, magnificent memes, and cli-ché clicks.

♦ OK, I can’t take it any longer. This country is going downhill faster than the Buffalo Bills. We gotta get out of this place! Please help!

♦ I love having people over but I am a hopeless entertainer. I typically tell my friends to BYOB and maybe I order a pizza or throw out a bag of chips if I happen to have one. Real talk…I am also lazy. Any way I can up my game without the effort?

♦ I have recently moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. My dog is having a few adjustment issues. What do you suggest?

♦ After reading about how easy it is to cut the cord, I decided to take the plunge. Now… what do I watch?

♦ I was abroad last month and all the kids over there seemed to be using something called What’s Up. What’s up with that?

♦ My son asked me recently what the blue square was on the “Save” icon in Word. I had to explain floppy disks. Talk about feeling old!

♦ With Amazon Prime increasing their price recently, is it still worth it?

♦ A theme in all the recent stories about hacked elections and privacy breaches is that “this isn’t what the web was supposed to be.” Fine, but…what ¬was the web supposed to be?

♦ I’m bored. Entertain me!

♦ I know the word on the street is that new TV is everything but is it wrong I’m excited about old shows coming back?

♦ I always forget to text my mom when I get home from a night out, travelling, etc.…and she never fails to point it out after the fact. I know she’s just worried about my safety. Can you help?

♦ I heard about HBO’s new series Mosaic and the accompanying app. I thought the whole point of TV was to sit on my butt and do nothing. This seems like work.

♦ I’m bored. Just sitting here, staring at my phone while playing on Facebook and Snapchat. Any suggestions?

♦ What does the coming year hold for us?


♦ I read somewhere a lady built her own house using only YouTube videos for instruction. That seems farfetched. Can YouTube videos make me awesome?

♦ I saw a news story about digital tattoos. I’m concerned about my daughter’s reputation and safety on the Internet. Any suggestions?

♦ The older I get, the more uncomfortable it is to sit at a desk for hours on end. Do you have any recommendations for comfortable office chairs?

♦ I went to check out some new game systems, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough fingers for all the buttons they have now. Any suggestions?

♦ Inspired by my new-found love of HGTV, I decided to take on a major home renovation. I figured if they can make a double wide farmhouse chic in an hour, why can’t I? I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Any tips?

♦ Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned. Samsung’s CEO Kwon Oh-hyun did the same thing. Also, all those big wigs left the Presidents councils. What is going on?

♦ If I quit Facebook, will I disappear? I am slightly worried my existence is directly tied to my account.

♦ So that Equifax thing was kind of a big deal. Please tell me I have nothing to worry about.

♦ I took the plunge into mostly shopping online for clothes, electronics, and almost everything else years ago. I’ll admit I still walk up and down every aisle in the grocery store weekly. What am I missing?

♦ What’s your take on pre-portioned meals like Blue Apron? Passing fad or here to stay?

♦ Whenever my kids play shoot-‘em-up games on the Internet, I see cryptic messages from other players pop up on the screen. Is this to prevent parents from reading the messages? Should I be concerned?

♦ I’ve heard the best gifts come in small packages. If I am being honest, I am always drawn to the biggest, shiniest package. Is it the thought that counts?

♦ Fall will be here before I know it. I was thinking of going to college in my PJs…Will I be able to get a job when I finish?

♦ My newsfeed is filled with invites to marches, my Twitter is full of hashtags for movements, and my Instagram shows all of my friends making a difference. Are they really making a difference?

♦ I’m going on a first date with someone tonight and they just asked me what I had planned for us. Ummm…

♦ I have been hearing a lot about “fake news” but still want to be informed. How do I know what’s real anymore?

♦ I have kids and typically have to take them grocery shopping with me. It’s…challenging at times. Any tips?

♦ I am thinking about changing jobs and the tech companies I have been looking at talk about a lot of weird stuff…like no vacation. What’s up with that?


♦ I read something about Yahoo going out of business – am I about to lose my email address?

♦ With the end-of-year festivities coming up, I’d like to be prepared. What apps will help me celebrate in style?

♦ I, like Donald Trump, believe the election is rigged. Fact check that, you nasty puppet!

♦ My son asked me recently what the blue square was on the “Save” icon in Word. I had to explain floppy disks. Talk about feeling old!

♦ I recently totaled my car, Brad. I’d like to get my happy dance going. How can you help?

♦ I decided to look for a new job and the recruiter said I needed to brand myself. I pretended to know what he meant. Can you help?!

♦ I love my office job, but I’m usually the last person to leave. Do you have any tips to help me shave half an hour off my typical workday?

♦ I just got engaged! Any go-to wedding planning apps or sites you would recommend?

♦ I have seen the news about the FBI asking Apple to break open a phone. Should I care or be worried about this?

♦ I am developing a great idea for a business but feel like I need a little push to get it off the ground. What’s the deal with incubators? Are those something I should look into?

♦ In my younger days, I was pretty active with all sorts of worthy causes. Now the best way I can help is through donations. Can the Internet help in my search for deserving charities?

♦ I am ready to cut the cord on our landline…but my wife says no. Please help.

● So you guys know all about computers, and numbers, and stuff, right? Can you tell me who is going to win the 2016 presidential race?

♦ My uncle, let’s call him Sam, says I owe him money. How do I know if he’s right?

♦ I really want to boldly go where no man has gone before, is that really even possible?

♦ What do you see in our techno-future for 2016?

♦ I have 458 Facebook friends, 200 followers on Twitter, and just as many on Instagram, but not many of them are really my friends. In fact, I don’t really like people that much to begin with.

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