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Help! Your home Wi-Fi is down and it can't get up! Also, you haven't heard a good medical alert bracelet joke since 1998. If only there was one group of techies who could solve both problems...

Hi. We're the PropellerHeads. Did you try switching to airplane mode and back again, so the connection would get reestablished? (This is for your network, not your alert bracelet.) We can also help you tackle ransomware, block spammy emails, and create a PC backup plan, if you're into that sort of thing (and you should be).

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♦ My boss keeps asking me if I have enough “spare cycles” to work on new pro-jects. I know what she’s asking, and I know this is a computer term, but where does it come from?


♦ I feel like I get sucked into gym promotional rates for the New Year every year. Am I throwing my money away or will I really go this year?

♦ I would describe myself as a reasonably happy and very active user of social media. I have read a few articles that suggest too much social media use can lead to depression. Is that something I should be worried about?

♦ I don’t want to waste my time or money seeing a bad flick, but I don’t like the movie critic in my local paper. Who are the best movie critics on the Internet?

♦ I noticed some streaming services are buffering more than normal on my phone, my kids said something about the throttle. When did cell phones get engines?

♦ My five year old asked me to play video games with him and now I am saddled with a couple of questions. Should I be concerned with what he plays? Should I be concerned that I can’t figure out how to play what he plays?

♦ My old tube TV finally bit the dust. Looking for a new one I’m seeing things about UHD, HDR, and App integration? What’s that all about?

♦ For argument’s sake, let’s assume that my computer will eventually get hacked. What’s the best way to protect my sensitive information from getting out there in the wild?

♦ I have 458 Facebook friends, 200 followers on Twitter, just as many on Instagram, but not many of them are really my friends. With the latest privacy concerns, should I stay connected?

♦ My uncle, let’s call him Sam, says I owe him money. How do I know if he’s right?


♦ Last month I hit a “download” quota with my ISP, which is surprising because I didn’t use my computer nearly as much as I normally do. How can I check if some malware has taken over my Internet connection?

♦ My son keeps telling me I need to extend my Google browser. What’s that about?

♦ Yikes! We were still looking at the aftermath of Harvey, then Jose, Irma and Maria showed up! This is scary; how can I stay informed?

♦ My brother-in-law recently boasted that he could connect to my Wi-Fi without my password. He said, I couldn’t stop him. Whats’up?

♦ I own a small bakery and most of our business comes from word of mouth. But I think it’s time to expand our reach through social media. Any advice?

♦ I’m on the beach and need something fun and light to browse on the net while I relax. Set me up.

♦ I get spam in my inbox every week from people saying they can speed up my company’s website but I don’t see any problems with the site. Are these emails legitimate?

♦ I swear I’ve been reading more and more about ransomware in the news lately. What is it and should I be afraid?

♦ I work for a small ad agency and several of our employees work from home. Is there a better way than email for us to communicate and share files?

♦ Dude. Like why should I pay you thousands of dollars to build me a website when I can do it on Wix for free?

♦ Google Chrome crashes regularly on my laptop now. Is there another browser I should replace it with?

♦ My kids keep telling me to cut the cord. I already have a cordless phone… what gives?


♦ I am getting ready to move into a YUUUUGE new house. It’s big, it’s white, it’s the greatest. Is there any way I can make it a smart home?

♦ I finally got around to cleaning up the back room and came upon a box of old family VHS videos. I thought about throwing them away, but my wife would kill me. What do you suggest?

♦ With all of my photos, movies, and PropellerHead articles I need to save, what recommendations do you have for backing up personal data?

♦ Am I bad because I use an ad blocker? The other day my friend shamed me because I was using one. I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

♦ It seems like every time I want to binge-watch Netflix at home I’m watching the app buffer more than the actual show. Can you help?

♦ I track my spending habits and workout details in a spreadsheet, which is helpful but tedious. Are there any online tools that can make this easier?

♦ I like my smartphone’s apps and ease of use. How come they don’t make desktops like that?

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