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Announcing WebWatch


Is your website:

  • designed to look great on phones, tablets and desktop computers?
  • secure and monitored for threats?
  • being backed up and content-protected?
  • caught up on server and security updates?

When was the last time you:

  • updated your “Meet the Team” page?
  • optimized your content for better search engine rankings?
  • added a new post to your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages?
  • created some hype on your “News” page or posted a press release?


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    If the answer is “I’m just too busy” then you need WebWatch. WebWatch is a continuous monitoring and improvement program for companies that need high performance from their websites and social media. We help your web presence promote your brand, attract new clients, support your existing customers and engage visitors.

    Let WebWatch manage your site so you can manage your business.

    The WebWatch professionals at Data Directions have built and managed dozens of websites for over 20 years with a highly experienced team of graphic designers, web developers, and communication specialists. We use state-of-the-art current technologies and modern design to build and manage effective, responsive websites, applications, and social media channels. Our experience means we can manage your website - no matter the platform or architecture.

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    One size does not fit all.

    Frankly, every site is a bit unique, so we customize our program to meet your needs. That way you only pay for what you need. Some clients have multiple servers, websites, domains, or subdomains. Some include eCommerce and PCI needs. Some clients have a custom CMS. We look at each client’s needs individually to ensure a good fit.

    All WebWatch subscribers get the following services.

    • Real-time site monitoring 
    • Site backup and version control 
    • Site performance and security upgrades
    • Mobile device testing - SEO tuning
    • Domain registration management
    • Content updates
    • WebWatch to-do (keep reading)


    Good! Better! Best!

    For basic services, our subscription services can run as little as $75/month (Good!). Others, that need more services run about $200/month (Better!). Some websites need much more and can run about $350/month (Best!). 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Frequently asked questions

      I can do all of this stuff myself. Why should I hire you guys?

      How do you make sure my site stays up?

      I have three sites. Do you expect me to pay three fees?

      Tell me about this WebWatch “to-do” list. I have plenty to do already!

      What if I want some significant work done on our site?

      Hey, I couldn't read the small print!

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