Can’t tell your FitBit from your Garmin? Looking to keep up with the kids and upgrade that phone? Not sure which Internet-connected trashcan to buy? We’re here to help!

Whether it’s navigating the tricky waters of selecting the right tablet, or hopping on the bandwagon and buying a voice-activated assistant, turn to us for unbiased opinions and plenty of transportation-themed cliches! “Alexa, what’s a bandwagon?”

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Analog Gaming

Dear PropellerHeads, I’m trying to convince my family of ‘gamers’ to unplug for a while. Any tips on how to pass the time without screens in front of our faces? A:  Personally, I suggest you look into getting board…GAMES!!!  Mediocre puns aside, if your...

Cell Phone Swagger

Q: My cell phone needs some new swag. Whatcha got for me? A: By swag, I assume you mean dorky tech toys? If that’s the case, you came to the right place. I’m not going to spend time talking about cell phone bling, because no discerning reader like yourself recognizes...

CES 2019

Q:  The Consumer Electronics Show came and went a month ago and I’m still waiting for the PropellerHead take on all the exciting new technology they announced – what gives? A: We just assumed that some sort of AI chatbot was going to write this column for...

Online Purchasing and Review Decisions

Q: There’s a set of Three’s Company commemorative plaques I’m dying to buy but there are no reviews yet. They feature Terri vs. Chrissy, so this might be a bad investment. How important are online reviews in helping me make purchasing decisions?

CES 2018

Q: Halloween? Thanksgiving? Meh. Let’s talk Christmas! What’s new and cool for this year? A: It’s absolutely refreshing to find someone who has crystal clear priorities. As far as something new, I have the perfect thing for you, Basic Fun Mini Arcade Games...