Help! Your home Wi-Fi is down and it can’t get up! Also, you haven’t heard a good medical alert bracelet joke since 1998. If only there was one group of techies who could solve both problems…

Hi. We’re the PropellerHeads. Did you try switching to airplane mode and back again, so the connection would get reestablished? (This is for your network, not your alert bracelet.) We can also help you tackle ransomware, block spammy emails, and create a PC backup plan, if you’re into that sort of thing (and you should be).

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Dear PropellerHeads: My New Year’s resolution is to protect myself with a VPN. What are your recommendations? A: Good for you! I recently tapped into a VPN, for a completely different reason, so I have some relevant information to assist you. For the uninitiated,...

RCS Messaging

Dear PropellerHeads, I upgrade my Android smartphone every couple of years but it seems like text messaging is virtually the same as it was a decade ago.  What’s the deal? A:  The deal is, you’re right.  While there are a lot of cool things phones have...

Dark Matters

Dear PropellerHeads: My new laptop has a bright screen, which is great during the day but causes eye strain after hours of use. Is there a way to save my eyes without stepping away from the screen? A: Yes! But first, a warning: Do not microwave grapes. (Seriously...

Computer Jargon

Q: My boss keeps asking me if I have enough “spare cycles” to work on new projects. I know what she’s asking, and I know this is a computer term, but where does it come from?

Social Media

Q: I would describe myself as a reasonably happy and very active user of social media. I have read a few articles that suggest too much social media use can lead to depression. Is that something I should be worried about?

Online Movie Reviews

Q: I don’t want to waste my time or money seeing a bad flick, but I don’t like the movie critic in my local paper. Who are the best movie critics on the Internet?

Bandwidth Throttling

Q: I noticed some streaming services are buffering more than normal on my phone, my kids said something about the throttle. When did cell phones get engines?

Game Consumption

Q: My five year old asked me to play video games with him and now I am saddled with a couple of questions.  Should I be concerned with what he plays?  Should I be concerned that I can’t figure out how to play what he plays?

Time Keeping and Billing

I run a small business that bills hourly. Is there a better way to keep time other than having my employees count one Mississippi, two Mississippi?


Q: I own a small bakery and most of our business comes from word of mouth. But I think it’s time to expand our reach through social media. Any advice?