Now that this whole Internet thing looks to be more than just a fad, how do you keep up with all the new sites and services coming and going all the time?

You’re just one person! But we’re five people! And we get paid to sit in front of a web browser all day! (Yeah, yeah, technically we get paid to build websites, but much of the job is…um…”research.”)

So who better than us to point you to the best travel-planning, wedding-planning, or meal-planning sites? You can’t figure all that out — you have planning to do!

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CES 2019

Dear PropellerHeads: The Consumer Electronics Show came and went a month ago and I’m still waiting for the PropellerHeads’ take on all the exciting new technology they announced – what gives? A: We just assumed that some sort of AI chatbot was going to write this...

2019 Space Exploration

Dear PropellerHeads, Am I the only one that got a little emotional when the Mars Rover Opportunity died? A: It definitely got a little dusty in here when I heard “My battery is low and it’s getting dark,” was its last message. Poor little Rover, all alone out there....

Internet Challenges

Dear PropellerHeads: My kid seems really interested in internet challenges, but I’ve heard some could be dangerous. Should I be worried? A: I’m going to state the obvious first, that you need to be concerned about your child’s internet activity in general. How you...

General Data Protection Regulation

Q: I keep getting all of these cookie notifications lately? I know websites have been using cookies for years. Why do they feel the need to tell me about it now in such an ‘in your face’ manner?
Q: Recently I was traveling in Europe and when I tried to view a website back in the US to read about the hurricanes I kept getting messages that the site was unavailable due to legal reasons. Did I break the law? I was worried they wouldn’t let me leave the country!

Bias AI

Q: I heard something on the radio about Amazon building a robot to help them decide who to hire but the robot was sexist or something and now I’m confused. What’s going on?

Smart Cities

Q: I understand what a “smartphone” is, and the buzzwords “smartwatch” and “smart TV” are growing on me, but I heard something recently about “smart cities” – what in the world are those supposed to be?