Is it better to build software or to buy it?

It is probably better, most of the time, to buy or rent your business software.

Most business can run very effectively by finding good, well-vetted package software to run their businesses. Whether it is accounting software (like QuickBooks) or operational software (ordering, sales management, inventory management, and many others), there is very likely a package that will be a good fit. Admittedly, even the best packages after configuration will leave you with a headache here or there. But at a fraction of the cost of software development, high functionality, and the benefit of many other users, package software is very attractive.

But sometimes there is not. Your business may be unusual in such a way as to make it very difficult to use standard packages for your industry. You may want your software to be part of your businesses strategic approach, so owning it is important.

We are very much a niche business. Most companies we are introduced to do not need custom software. That’s fine. Call us, we’ll listen to your needs and let you know what we think.

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