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Online Gym Alternatives

Mar 8, 2019

Q: I feel like I get sucked into gym promotional rates for the New Year every year.  Am I throwing my money away or will I really go this year?

A: You came to the right place.  Obviously a team of programming geniuses are also the pinnacle of perfect health and fitness habits.  Soda is one of the four major food groups, right?  I also feel like my new standing desk is all the exercise I need.

Realistically, we all reach a time each winter where our stretchiest of pants are really our only pants.  New year’s resolutions are inevitably sprinkled with line items about better eating habits and regular gym attendance.  You are definitely not alone.  The health club industry pulls in about 84 billion annually from its members worldwide.  That’s a lot of people interested in fitting into their skinny jeans.

While there is definitely a boom in health club membership and more variety in cost and health clubs ever (, there is still time and expense involved in being a member that doesn’t always work for everyone.

We’ve all seen the infomercials, and online and social media ads for home gym equipment that will be life and lifestyle changing as well, but do we really want another Gazelle ( to use as a coatrack?  There are many YouTube and Instagram resources for free, at home, little or no equipment workouts that could probably meet your needs should you want to skip the membership.

A few to get you started:

POPSUGAR Fitness ( This channel has a wide variety of workouts that are well organized and have professional production value.  Most just involve you and some space to move around.  There are others that may incorporate accessories like small free weights or exercise bands.  You can find High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), yoga, dance themed workouts, strength training, as well as workouts with your time available in mind (i.e., 30 min, 15 min, even 5 min workouts).

FitnessBlender ( Have a fitness buddy?  This fitness channel run by a husband and wife team has workouts geared towards working out with a partner.  With over 500 full workouts posted, you shouldn’t have any trouble adding variety into your workout or finding something that is your speed.

Yoga with Adriene ( Need something other than your pants to be flexible?  You can work out mind and body through this top rated yoga channel.  With over 4 million subscribers, this yoga resource has workouts designed for specific ailments, to help take your form to the next level, or just to suit your mood.

Are you a little more self-motivated, but need some tips?  Add a couple of these trainers to your Instagram feed:

Curtis Williams ( Former NFL player turned trainer posts short videos in his gym but also includes a variety of at home workouts using only bodyweight or limited equipment with some quick and impactful tips.

Mike Donavanik ( This trainer posts tons of home workouts where you can get the circuits just from the 30 second Instagram clips and take it from there or you can link to his website for the full workout.

Caleb Marshall ( Under the title The Fitness Marshall on Instagram and YouTube, Caleb picks up where Richard Simmons left us hanging with Sweating to the Oldies.  Be prepared for over the top comments, facial expressions, and dance moves to current pop hits –   #bestofbooties.

If you really feel like you are throwing your money into a healthy lifestyle wishing well, there are plenty of options to work on your six pack at home for free.  We’ve really only just cracked the surface.  Cracking a six pack sounds good right about now.  We still have a few days before I need to get going those resolutions, right?