Website Needs

As the Internet continues to evolve into a dynamic tool for businesses to incorporate into their operations, market driven design and content development are critical to a web project’s success. Data Directions Inc.  can help your organization create a new web site or re-design and enhance an existing site. Our experienced team of project managers, brand/web designers, and developers can help you make your next web project a great success.


Why DDI?

We have over 36 years of experience in corporate communications and application development. We have evolved over time with the new advancements in communication technology. This gives us a unique ability to shape your message and integrate it into a web site that incorporates solid branding techniques with the latest web technologies including our fully integrated content management system.

How we will work with you

We begin by assigning a PMI certified project manager and a brand/web designer to your project. We will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business and your expectations for the project. We establish clear and reasonable goals, timetables, budgets, and understandable statements of deliverables. Your project is then staffed with experienced, capable marketing, design, and programming professionals with training in the technologies most appropriate for your application. Meetings are scheduled with you regularly to communicate progress and resolve production issues. Your project is fully designed, built, tested and you are trained and provided with all appropriate documentation before we move on to our next project.

A Proven Success

Web and custom software development projects can be expensive and risky ventures. However, they may be necessary in order to provide the advanced functionality desired by many organizations. Every project undertaken by DDI is driven by a PMI certified Project Manager who coordinates the development of specifications, budgets, and schedules. By using our proven Project Development Methodolgy, customized for each client, our Project Managers ensure that every project is delivered successfully and within the allocated time and budget constraints. While being a Microsoft Certified Partner, DDI does not favor any specific technology. Our Developers, DBAs, and Project Managers are experienced in many different technical architectures and will design a solution customized to your environment.